Musée des confluences

Mongolia | The song of the steppes

From Thursday 26 to Saturday, May 28, 2016

The discovery of what it has been agreed upon to call “diphonic” singing or sometimes “harmonic” singing is a fascinating experience. In effect, how is it possible to imagine that a single person can manage to sing in two voices by producing simultaneously a sound and one or the other of its harmonics? This vocal technique has been most especially developed by the singers of Mongolia, who call it khöömii, even if we also find it in other musical traditions, notably in the polyphonies of Sardinia or the singing of the Xhosa in South Africa.

This cycle of concerts devoted to diphonic singing and, in the wider sense, to the music of Mongolia, is the fruit of an encounter with the ethnomusicologist, Johanni Curtet. For more than ten years, this young researcher has combed the country in search of the greatest diphonic masters. Thanks to the exceptional presence of its finest interpreters, we will be able to appreciate the magic of this unique art form through several concerts, a documentary, a lecture/concert and a master class..