Musée des confluences

Prison and us

A series of meetings with specialists and actors in the prison environment, in resonance with the exhibition 'Prison, beyond the walls'

What images do we have of prison, the people who are sent there, and the people who work there? How do these images affect the way we deliver justice and apply the law? How does the way we administer punishments reflect the societies we live in?

This series, which will include conferences, round tables and participative workshops, will be an opportunity to meet specialists in many fields and people with various backgrounds working in the prison environment. Jurists, sociologists, philosophers, historians, geographers, artists, activists, prison administration officials, lawyers and former inmates take turns to explore topics such as space and time, prison policies and what they say about us, cohabitation in incarceration, health and general surveillance facilities, the marks left by prison, and the possibility of envisaging alternative prison systems to the ones we currently have.