Musée des confluences

"A’core datu" : A Filetta

Thursday 26 September | 12:30 pm

Made up of five male voices, this incredibly creative choir keeps the island's oral tradition alive, while exploring more contemporary original works.

Concert, conference? Singing conference? The programme 'A’ core datu' is hard to define. It is an immersion in the history of Corsican polyphony, through the singular artistic path taken by A Filetta and its original works. This exchange between the audience and the group is an illustrated, living and singing presentation of a musical career that stretches back nearly 40 years. A Filetta will reveal its history. The singers will cover the various stages in the group's development: from the traditions that have influenced its unusual path to its most recent original works.

An event featuring songs, stories and exchanges.

With the singers of the A Filetta choir: Jean-Claude Acquaviva, François Aragni, Petr'Antò Casta, Stéphane Serra and Maxime Vuillamier.

© Armand Luciani