Musée des confluences

“The Wake Up call” : Quartet Andy Emler & A Filetta

Saturday 28 September | 8 pm

Skilled soloists and improvisers in the service of vocal polyphony and talented singers in the service of virtuoso instrumentalists! An exceptional original work by Andy Emler for jazz quartet and Corsican polyphonic choir.

"By finding alchemy between the male singers and four marvellous instrumentalists and improvisers, with various influences, a new world is created. A world in which differences are synonymous with convergence, and in which traditions unite towards a common awakening, towards a better future for us all. A world in which music is the key that opens the doors to the happiness of being and living together." Andy Emler

Andy Emler, composition of music and lyrics, piano
Claude Tchamitchian, double bass
François Verly, percussions
Laurent Dehors, saxophones and clarinets

The A Filetta choir
Jean-Claude Acquaviva
François Aragni

Petr'Antò Casta
Stéphane Serra
Maxime Vuillamier

Co-production: Compagnie aime l’air, A Filetta, Musée des Confluences and Les Rencontres de Chants polyphoniques de Calvi
With the support of SPEDIDAM