Musée des confluences


Friday, November 10 | 12:30 pm

Founded in 1992, around Baba Konaté, the traditional music and dance troupe, Badéma, has established itself today as a major group from the Province of Yatenga, located in northern Burkina Faso. Music and dance are an ancestral tradition in the Konaté family of griots who, from generation to generation, have transmitted their know-how and their underlying customs from day to day, naturally.

Thus the rhythms, songs and dances of the ethnic groups of the Dasin, the Bwaba, the Mossi and more broadly of Mandingo music, polished by the multiple identities of those who have incarnated them over time and today carried on jubilantly by the Badéma troupe, come to us by way of this age-old path.

Baba Konaté: vocals, djembe
Karim Konaté: vocals, duns, dance
Lagui Konaté: vocals, tama, shékéré, dance
Dédouguou Domboué: vocals, balafon, duns

©Régine Mondon, concert Badema