Musée des confluences

Café littéraire, around the Récits d’objets collection: In hair

Meeting in French

Thursday 23 January | 6 pm

Avec Emmanuelle Pagano, author
and David Besson, Head of Collections at the Musée des Confluences

Our Récits d’objets collection invites writers to take an object from the museum’s collection and write a piece based on it.
The Café littéraire is a novel type of encounter between a writer and a member of the museum’s curatorial staff, to explore the boundaries between science and the imagination. A fun moment to share over a drink.

"You need to fish a thousand noble pen shells, lift them from the shadows, to get two hundred and fifty grams of sea silk: only two hundred and fifty grams of light with a thousand large shellfish."
When she discovers this shawl made with the thread of Pinna nobilis, the noble pen shell of the Mediterranean, preciously kept in the museum's stores, memories of a family story in Fascist Italy return to the narrator. Nature, and its smells and lights, become the material for this physical, sensual story.