Musée des confluences

In the circle of the men of the Nile: Stick arts in Upper Egypt

Wednesday 4 December | 8 pm

Deeply rooted in the country's collective memory, "stick dancing" is an age-old practice that is practically unknown outside of Egypt. A chivalrous art of accomplished men, 'Tahtib' resembles a ritualised and stylised combat, in which duels are orchestrated by traditional musicians. Its origins, which draw on both Nilotic and Bedouin cultural forms, remain mysterious to this day.

Under the leadership of director Hassan El Geretly, this popular art is opened up to contemporary creation with the help of the young choreographer Dalia El Abd, from Cairo, and the lighting designer Camille Mauplot, from Marseille.

Production, Hassan El Geretly
Choreography, Dalia El Abd
Lighting design, Camille Mauplot

© Nabil Boutros