Musée des confluences

The Collection of Arrows

Tuesday, December 5 | 12:30 pm

Lecture in French.

Among the collections of the musée des Confluences, arrows occupy an important place.  Collected in different eras from around the world, they provide us with as much information on their populations of origin as on the people at the origin of their collection. Their study can become an intellectual game to which specialists contribute to assist the museum to decide on materials, forms, decors or uses. Crossbow arrows from South-east Asia or arrows from bows in Mongolia, China or Japan, each has its own characteristics. From North-American arrows with points of bartered metal and stunning arrows from Amazonia to the refined arrows of Tierra del Fuego with their points made of fragments of bottles, all these specific characteristics, gathered under the same term, show the multitude of typologies and codes that are sometimes difficult to decipher.

With Deirdre Emmons, responsible for the Asia collections and Marie-Paule Imberti, responsible for the America collections at the musée des Confluences