Musée des confluences

El Cholo Valderrama

Thursday, October 12 | 8:30 pm

The biggest llanero singer of Colombia

Orlando Cholo Valderrama, poet, composer and interpreter, is recognised in his country as one of the greatest cantautores llaneros, who perpetuates the oral traditions of the pastoral society of the Llanos, a great plain that extends into eastern Colombia and southern Venezuela. The Llaneros are mounted cattle herders, whose music provides the rhythm for every event in the year and in peoples’ lives. They are accompanied by instruments of Spanish origin: the little cuatro guitar with four cords, the pear-shaped bandola stringed instrument, the large bandolon guitar, the bandolin mandolin and the arpa llanera harp. The maracas, of indigenous origin, set the pace.

Cholo Valderrama: voice
Adrian Ariza: bass guitar
Alexander Romero: cuatro (small guitar with 4 strings)
Jorge Ariza: maracas
Juan Pablo Rodriguez: harp
Karol Dzieguer: manager
Jorge Luque: sound engineer

An event for the 20th Festival de l’Imaginaire and the France-Colombia Year
In collaboration with the Maison des Cultures du Monde

©Marie-Noëlle Robert Courtesy Maison des Cultures du Monde