Musée des confluences

Far from the desert

Thursday, January 25 | 7:00 pm

Screening and discussion in French.

Screening of the documentary “Far from the desert”, followed by a discussion with the filmmaker, the actors and guests.

Documentary film I France I 2015 I 52’ I Directed by Jade Mietton

This documentary traces the backgrounds of four Tuaregs from Niger and Algeria. These men made the choice to leave the desert, to change their lives and to begin new experiences in France. What were the reasons for their departures and how did they integrate? And today, what’s the outlook for them and what do they hope to do on this side of the Mediterranean? They have different backgrounds, of disillusionment, struggles and failures, but also of some fine successes. Through their testimonials, this film hopes to share their stories, their lives in exile, their hopes, their attachment to the desert, their investments, even here in France, to advance the community and, strengthened by the commitment of the filmmaker, to give them a voice and continue to keep Tuareg culture alive. This film is a tribute to a minority who resists and struggles to maintain its identity, in their home countries and throughout the diaspora.

In the presence of Jade Mietton, the actors in the film, Kader Assouf and Nabil Baly Othmani Attayoub Abdoulahi, Director of the Organisation of the Tuareg Diaspora in Europe (ODTE-Tanat) Pierre Mittelette Peraldi, Ethnologist, University of Paris Nanterre

Affiche du film