Musée des confluences

Georgian Polyphonies

Suliko Ensemble

Full price 15 € | Reduce Price 12 €
General admission seated

The musée des Confluences has been for several years involved in research into the tomb of Koban, visible in the exhibition Eternities, visions of the beyond. Within the framework of a symposium to mark the end of this research, the museum offers you a chance to discover Georgian musical culture.

Suliko is a vocal and instrumental ensemble created by Ivane Galuashvili and consisting of soloists from the Tbilissi Opera. While having benefited from a very high level of classical training, these artists remain attached to the traditional music of Georgia, among which are polyphonic chants. Passed on by oral tradition, the latter have been registered as part of its immaterial cultural heritage by UNESCO.
The evening’s programme plunges you into instrumental pieces arising out of the traditional repertoire and by contemporary Georgian composers.

Kakhaber Onashvili, singing and base panduri*
Vladimer Iluridze, singing and panduri
David Kipiani, singing and salamuri*
Ivane Galuashvili, singing
Shalva Abramashvili, singing and panduri
Sulkhan Gvelesiani, singing
Tamaz Saginadze, singing
Gia Asatiani, singing
* Panduri: An instrument with three strings forming a perfect chord. Used throughout the east of Georgia.
* Salamuri: a little flute from the east of Georgia.

Crédit photo © Turquoise Production - Festival Antigel Génève