Musée des confluences

Grand bal poussière

Thursday 7 November | 6:30 to 10 pm

Get lost in the magic of the rhythms and dances of Burkina Faso. This festive evening puts the spotlight on the balafon, an iconic West African instrument, played in traditional and contemporary styles, offering unique tours of the exhibition Headdresses from around the World, Antoine de Galbert’s donation.

6:30 pm | Introduction to Mandinka dance
Animée par les danseurs et danseuses du groupe Les Parissi

8 pm | Concert and ball
1st part: Jahkasa and the Balafon Reggae Band

With Karim Sanou Jahkasa, balafon, guitar, vocals
Francis ‘Picket’ Dstchoutezo, bass guitar
Wendpanga Kevin Ouedraogo, drum kit
Dembele Issouf, percussion, balafon
Nihani Sanou, solo balafon
Serwa Augustina, vocals
Jonathan Tapsoba, solo guitar
Augustina Serwa Frempong, vocals

2nd part: Harouna Démbélé and the group Les Parissi
10 percussionists and dancers on stage

With Dembele Harouna, djembe and vocals
Dembele Fatogoma, doum doum
Dembele Abdoulaye, balafon et n'goni
Coulibaly Kadi, vocals and dance
Ouattara Boureima, dance
Dembele Sekou, djembe
Dembele Fanta, vocals and dance
Konate Aboubacar, solo balafon
Diarra Ousmane, djembe
Diarra Karamogo, doum doum

Part of Nights of Faso (Les Nuits du Faso), initiated by the artist Jahkasa (Karim Sanou) from Burkina Faso.

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