Musée des confluences

IL Rito e la Memoria

Saturday, May 6 I 8:30 pm

Paolo Fresu, trumpet, bugle
Diederik Wissels, piano

Alborada String Quartet:
Anton Berovski, violin
Sonia Peana, violin
Nicola Ciricugno, viola
Piero Salvatori, Cello

Cuncordu e Tenore de Orosei
Tonino Carta, voche del tenore
Massimo Roych, voche del cuncordu, flutes
Piero Pala, mesuvoche del tenore e del cuncordu
Gian Luca Frau, cronta del tenore e del cuncordu, jaw harp
Mario Siotto, basso del tenore e del cuncordu

The artistic encounter between Paolo Fresu and the Alborada String Quartet is a witness once again to the openness of the Sardinian trumpeter, always ready to test his creativity in new territories.
Created in 1996, the Alborada String Quartet developed a repertory focusing on the music of the 21st century with special attention for minimalists. It also participates in many projects involving jazz and music of the world, including the project Heartland with David Linx and Paolo Fresu.
Il rito e la memoria is a project that brings together the Alborada Quartet, the Orosei Choir with its Sardinian polyphonies and the Fresu/Wissels duo. This is an invitation to travel, revisiting the great classic masters such as Claudio Monteverdi, Erik Satie or the very contemporary Arvo Pärt, a journey to the heart of the musical heritage of Sardinia enhanced by the compositions and improvisations of Paolo Fresu and Diederik Wissels.