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Master Liao Wen-Ho's fantastic puppets (Taiwan)

Show with French surtitles

Saturday 23 November | 8 pm
Sunday 24 November | 4 pm

A master of the art of glove puppetry, Liao Wen-Ho is a famous artist in Taiwan, where he brings enchanting shows to life. Trained from his early childhood in the traditional Chinese puppet theatre known as budaixi (literally 'cloth sack theatre'), Liao Wen-Ho combines his dexterity and overflowing creativity with technical and pyrotechnical processes that mark a clear departure from the style of the eighteenth century. His plays are full of humour and feature puppets with shimmering costumes, which are modern incarnations of historical and fantastical characters.

Working alongside a company of ten artists, he will perform two episodes from his repertoire:

  • 'Fire Mountain', an episode of the Journey to the West, taken from the sixteenth-century novel by Wu Cheng’en: On an order from the Emperor, the monk Tang Seng travelled to the land of the Buddha to bring back sacred texts. With help from the Monkey King, Sun Wukong, the gluttonous pig Zhu Bajie, and the quick-tempered demon Sha Wujing, he will face many trials.
  • 'Da Yong-Hsia and the Island of No-killing': On the Island of No-killing, a law forbids fighting and murder. How will the hero Da Yong-Hsia manage to fight his opponents without incurring the wrath of the Celestial Emperor of the Perfect Integrity?

In resonance, exceptional meeting with Liao Wen-Ho at the MAM (museum dedicated to the art of puppetry), Saturday 23 November, 4 pm (Musées Gadagne, Lyon 69005).

In partnership with the World Cultures Institute (Maison des Cultures du Monde) as part of the 23rd 'Festival de l’Imaginaire', with the support of the Taipei Representative Office in France (Bureau de représentation de Taipei en France).

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