Musée des confluences

The mystery of the lost giants

Thursday the 19th of April | 7 pm

Preview in the presence of the directors, Pierre-Olivier Antoine, palaeontologist, and Studio Fauns.

'Le Mystère des géants disparus' by Eric Ellena and Paul-Aurélien Combre, France, 2017, 52 mins

Following the disappearance of the dinosaurs, 66 million years ago, other animals took over and in turn became giants. They gradually colonised the Earth and the oceans, before disappearing, more often than not mysteriously. Among them, four giant animals remain shrouded in mystery for science: the Titanoboa, the Megalodon shark, the giant rhinoceros and the giant ground sloth. They were 8 to 200 times larger than their current descendants. How did evolution lead to the birth of such enormous species? What were the circumstances that encouraged their growth and survival? What were the challenges they had to overcome to feed themselves, move their huge bodies and protect their young? Did their huge size one day become a fatal disadvantage?

Four palaeontologists specialised in these animals are delving into the past to investigate.
From the Americas to Asia and Europe, welcome to a world that ended only 10,000 years ago: the Land of the Lost Giants!

With Eric Ellena and Paul-Aurélien Combre, directors
Pierre-Olivier Antoine, palaeontologist
And Studio Fauns

A co-production by French Connections Films, Bérénice Medias, CNRS and Musée des Confluences.
With the participation of France 5, the CNC, the Institut des Sciences de l'Évolution de Montpellier (ISEM), the University of Montpellier, the French Research Institute for Development (IRD), the École Pratique des Hautes Études (EPHE) and the Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle (MNHN).