Musée des confluences

Naagré: the daily effort of creation, between chronicle and inventory

Friday, November 10 | 10:30 pm

Naagré is the meeting of the French electro-jazz group Shplax with Badéma, a troupe from Burkina Faso performing traditional Mandingo music and dance

Lecture in French

The problems and difficulties encountered during the course of the creation of Naagré indicate, once again, the gap between the cliché of music defined as a universal language and the reality of implementing a project that calls on different cultures.
What exchanges should there be between the written and the spoken word? How should improvisation be reconciled with tradition? How should we choose names and measures in order to organise? Aren’t the place and function of music and musicians in European and African cultures at the origin of concepts that are partly contrasting and different from the meaning given to the action?
Through anecdotes on their daily efforts, a whole tectonic of ideas and practices are at work.

©Régine Mondon, concert Badema