Musée des confluences

No Time in Eternity | Nyman / Tye / Byrd / Taverner

Musiques en scène Biennial


Through a programme of Consort Songs for a complement of 5 viole da gambas and counter tenor voices, the Ensemble Céladon presents an obvious artistic bridge between English music of the Renaissance and English contemporary music. This filiation, this logic of harmonic, rhythmical and poetic sense, opens up to us a field to explore around the identity of sound and tradition.
In 1995 Michael Nyman created the Self-Laudatory Hymn of Inanna and Her Omnipotence based on a Sumerian poem. This work, which is fifteen minutes long, will be accompanied by the five Songs for Ariel, more intimate, composed in 1992 for the Peter Greenaway film Prospero’s Books.
The programme proposed by the Ensemble Céladon demonstrates a surprising closeness in the works: could one not think that Sit fast by Tye was only composed yesterday?

Paulin Bündgen, musical director, counter tenor and artistic director of the project
Ensemble Céladon, viola consort
Félicie d’Estienne d’Orves, visual design and scenography

No Time in Eternity, photo © DR