Musée des confluences

Poison versus remedies

Thursday, 21 September 2017 | 7:00 pm

Roundtable discussion in French.

A snakebite or skin contact with a plant can poison us but such an event also catches the attention of researchers for all sorts of medical applications. What about “poisons” that heal?

A duplex channel communication between the auditorium of the Museum of Science and Industry in Paris and the musée des confluences in Lyon

In Lyon
Eric Lingueglia, Inserm Research Director at the IPMC in Nice-Sophia Antipolis
Pascal Luccioni, Lecturer in Greek and Roman Literature, at the University Jean Moulin Lyon 3

In Paris
Marc Litaudon, responsible for the bank of natural extracts at the ICSN-CNRS and an expert on natural bio-active plant products
Dr. Xavier Cachet, Pharmacist, Lecturer at the Faculty of Pharmacy, Paris

Animation Eli Flory, journalist

Lecture offered by Inserm, the Cité des Sciences and Universcience