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A political history of CO2

Friday the 30th of March | 6pm

[Conference in French]

With Jean-Baptiste Fressoz, historian and researcher at the CNRS (Centre Alexandre Koyré, Paris, France).

While everybody is familiar with the increasing growth curve of CO2 emissions over the past two centuries, it is curious that we are not more aware of its history. What are the main historical processes that should be, as a priority, taken into consideration when it comes to this trend? What are the institutions, powers, imaginings and interests that have put us on the path to climate disaster?

Research conducted by Jean-Baptiste Fressoz looks at the social, economic and political roots of the ecological problems we must face today. "The aim is to shift our focus from the scientific analysis of damaged natural habitats to the actors, institutions and decisions that have caused this damage". By seeing the damage caused to the Earth's system by humans, during an epoch now referred to as the Anthropocene, as the result of choices and not just as inevitable outcomes, helps us to understand the current situation and make new choices for the future possible.

Signing session at the end of the conference.

Elément scénographie - La pollution atmosphérique ©Les Muséastes