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Punishment with space and time: (psycho)geographies of imprisonment

Meetings in French

Sunday 1 December, 2 to 7 pm

2 pm | Prison and the citizen: interview with Bernard
A look back at the path of an engaged citizen, who has spent his life taking action in the area of imprisonment (creator of the Observatoire international des prisons and co-founder of the project Prison Insider). Meeting presented by the journalist Thibaut Sardier (Libération).

3 pm | InsideOutside, a photographic correspondence with prisoners around the world
Wherever they are imprisoned and whatever the length of their sentence, their gender, or their age, prisoners share a common experience: sensory alteration through extended deprivation of freedom.

With Bertrand Gaudillère, photographer (of the collective 'item') and Clara Grisot, manager of the multimedia organisation Prison Insider.

4:30 pm | Geographies of imprisonment
What are the spatial and architectural characteristics of a prison? How is the relationship with space modified during imprisonment? With today's technological developments and widespread use of surveillance, what is the new shape of incarceration facilities?

Round table with Olivier Milhaud, geographer (Paris-Sorbonne University), author of 'Séparer et punir - Une géographie des prisons françaises' (CNRS, 2017), Franck Ollivon, geographer (Lumière University Lyon 2), author of the thesis 'La prison chevillée au corps'. Pour une approche géographique du placement sous surveillance électronique, Michel Pierre, historian, author of 'Le temps des bagnes - 1748-1953' (Tallandier, 2017)

Meeting presented by Thibaut Sardier, geographer and journalist (Libération)

6:30 pm | Is time a prison?
Conference by Etienne Klein, a major specialist on the topic of time, physicist, doctor of Philosophy of Science, and director of the Laboratory for Research into the Science of Matter at the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA).

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