Musée des confluences

Puppet theatre and gamelan

Thursday, September 28 | 8:30 pm

The Sundanese wayang golek is a form of puppet theatre performed in the western part of the Island of Java in Indonesia. This is total theatre, centred around the creativity of one single puppet-master who manipulates the wooden puppets, the dalang, accompanied by a collective instrument, the gamelan, involving fifteen musicians. The wayang golek is one of the recognised forms of the “Indonesian wayang”, declared a masterpiece of oral and immaterial heritage of humanity by UNESCO in 2003.

These festive performances form part of family ceremonies or major events such as village festivals. They last all night and involve multiple activities.

Intrigues, battles, duels, love, betrayal, quests, illusions, magic, humour…, this show conducted under the guidance of the puppet master Dadan Suhendar Sunandar and his troupe of 14 musicians from Bandung in Indonesia promises us a total audio-visual cultural immersion.

Dadan Suhendar Sunandar: puppeteer
Rudi Yantika: assistant puppeteer
Mamah Hayati: vocals
Rizki Rizali, Widyanto, Guna Ginanjar, Adi Candra, KResna Tria Rawanda, Dinar Mustika,
Ayi Rahmat, Acep Ridwan, Yudi Sukenda, Diky Jatnika: musicians
Sarah Anais Andrieu: anthropologist and producer of the project

In collaboration with the Museum of Puppet Arts – Gadagne Museum [musée des arts de la marionnette – musées Gadagne]
In partnership with the Embassy of Indonesia.

©Sarah Anaïs Andrieu - Dawala