Musée des confluences

The reign of the spider

Wednesday, January 3 | 3:00 pm

Projection – discussion in French.

Screening of the documentary The reign of the spider, followed by a discussion with the filmmaker Vincent Amouroux et Christine Rollard, Biologist and Arachnologist, National Museum of Natural History (MNHN)

Documentary film I France, Canada I 2012 I 45’ I Filmmaker Vincent Amouroux

They are called poisonous, evil, hairy and cunning. However, endowed with many powers, they are an endless source of marvels. Using exceptional photographic techniques, this documentary takes us right into the heart of the unknown world of spiders. Spiders are by far the most numerous creatures on the surface of the planet. Gifted with the capacity to adapt, they have developed a multitude of strategies that have enabled to colonise the world. Christine Rollard, Arachnologist at the National Museum of Natural History, will take you through the gardens and fields of France, in the scrublands of Provence, in the attics and cellars of our homes and even to the treetops to show them to us. There’s no need to travel the world to discover this champion of adaptation, a quality essential for ecological balance. Christine Rollard invites us to discover a creature with an unprepossessing appearance that is worth infinitely more than we think.

Book signing session at the museum bookshop at 6:00 pm