Musée des confluences

Show flat


Turak Theatre
Extended until November 1, 2015

In Turakia the inhabitants are unusual and take the form of everyday things and objects, transformed or deviating from their normal purpose. At the heart of this show flat the Turakians invite you to discover moving microcosms, which allow you to glimpse their invented lives and their strange mythologies. Little motors set these worlds in sound and motion.

“They have taken up residence at the very heart of drawers, have unfolded their everyday lives in the thickness of the back of chairs, hung their habits on the legs of tables, unrolled their timetable on the shelves of the wardrobe. I wander among these worlds that are living there. For the time being I move about on foot, in the dry. But, after reading documents reminding me of the speed of high tides at Mont Saint-Michel, I put on a pair of galoshes so as not to be surprised by them. In future I’ll have my kayak ready to intervene. Its smallness should allow me to manoeuvre easily from one room to another. Each piece of furniture allows the traces of a presence to appear and bears witness to an undreamt of, unobtrusive, sometimes minute world.”
Extract, by Michel Laubu

Project design, photos and sketches, Michel Laubu and Emili Hufnagel
Construction, Michel Laubu, Emmeline Beaussier, Charly Frénéa and Priscille Du Manoir
Video, Maximilien Dumesnil

Image : Robinet poussette - crédit © Eric Legrand