Musée des confluences

Sundanese Gamelan

Thursday, September 28 | 12:30 pm

In the western part of the Island of Java, on the high plateaus of the area called Sunda, the wayang golek is the most popular form of ritual entertainment. It is accompanied by an immense collective instrument called the gamelan, different from those found in central Java or in Bali. This gamelan is also used to accompany classical dances or to interpret traditional music in the classical kiliningan style. The gamelan of the troupe Putra Giri Harja 3, with its 12 musicians, invites you to discover this poorly known repertoire, dynamic and vibrant.

In collaboration with the Museum of Puppet Arts – Gadagne Museum [musée des arts de la marionnette – musées Gadagne]
In partnership with the Embassy of Indonesia.

©Sarah Anaïs Andrieu - Dawala