Musée des confluences

Tango: tribute to Astor Piazzolla

Daniel Mille


Daniel Mille

Saturday 19 January | 8 pm

Large auditorium | 1¼ hours | € 12-15

This concert is an immersion in the timeless repertoire of the composer who transcended Argentine tango: Astor Piazzolla.

Echoing the Hugo Pratt exhibition Lignes d’horizon (Horizon lines), this concert is inspired by the graphic novel Tango, the 27th adventure of Corto Maltese, and its creator Hugo Pratt, who lived in Buenos Aires for 13 years

Accordionist Daniel Mille, accompanied by three cellists and a jazz double-bassist, presents all the humanity of this music in arrangements sublimated by the sensuality of the strings.

Daniel Mille, accordion
Grégoire Korniluk, cello
Paul Colomb, cello
Frédéric Deville, cello
Diego Imbert, double bass



illustration Agathe Bruguière - Kiblind Agence