Musée des confluences


Friday 8 March | 8 pm

To mark International Women's Day, the museum presents Tartit, a group from the region of Timbuktu in Mali. It perpetuates the musical tradition that permeates the daily lives of the Kel Tamasheq nomads (the Tuareg people). In its new album Amankor (exile), written through the eyes of a Tuareg woman, Tartit sings about both the challenges facing this threatened culture and its love of the Sahara.

Fadimata Walet Oumar (Disco) – vocals, tinde (drum), dance
Fadimata Walet Mohamedoun (Fatma) – vocals, tinde (drum)
Tafa Al Housseini – vocals, imzad (single-string violin)
Zeinabou Walet Oumar (Zaina) – backing vocals, tinde (drum)
Mahassa Walet Amoumine – backing vocals, dance
Idwal Ag Mohamed – tehardent (lute), backing vocals
Ousmane Ag Oumar – guitar, backing vocals
Mohamed Issa Ag Oumar – guitar, vocals and dance