Musée des confluences

The Visitor Sequence

Thursday 14 September | 7:00 pm

Roundtable discussion in French.

How was the idea of the exhibition conceived? How were the specific conditions for its production implemented in time, space and organisation? What is the relationship with the audiences? How were the many constraints dealt with?

Every exhibition is unique. From the idea of the subject to its reception by visitors, it is always an ambition, the result of a long process of reflection and development, with its successes and failures. It’s a vision, a choice, a thought, that expresses itself and takes form: an ambition at the crossroads of a discourse destined for audiences with objects coming to life in this setting. The exhibition was founded on the shared wish to create something to admire, to raise awareness, to experiment, to approach a theme... To learn about the complexity of the world, interdisciplinarity is essential and therefore many skills are required.

Marion Lyonnais, Set Designer, Fakestorybird Agency
Carole Millon, Exhibition Project Manager, musée des Confluences
Jean-François Santoni, Producer, Les Muséastes Association