Musée des confluences

Why do plants do us so much good?

Friday, December 15 | 6:00 pm

Lecture in French.

Plants are not just useful for food, medications or ornaments. Provided that their needs are understood and respected, they hold in their special physiology, their otherness, some astonishing capacities (some discovered very recently), which, if properly used, can provide humans with countless, unsuspected benefits in many areas of life. As such, trees should be considered as real allies for humans in the city. Soothing, protective, creators of social bonds, physiologically and emotionally stabilising, inspirations for mystics and poets, plants have much to teach us.

With Francis Hallé, a botanist and world renowned specialist of tropical forests and the architecture of trees.
And Dominique Padirac, a biologist and scientific journalist is the author of many articles in the scientific and medical press for the general public and popular works for outreach/education (on biotechnology, the origins of life, meteorites).

Book signing session by Francis Hallé at the museum bookshop at 5:00 pm.