Musée des confluences

Xinjiang, Taklamakan & Karakoram

Trans-Aeolian Transmission

Saturday, November 25 | 8:30 pm

Music and a road-movie on the far-flung boundaries of the Silk Road, executed with emotion, risk, rebellion, savagery, soaring and transcendence. A creative work commissioned by the Cultural Service of the French Embassy in Beijing.

This neo-shamanistic and post-industrial music is the soundtrack for an adventure/creation that was composed, recorded and filmed in the company of the shamans and Dolan musicians of Uighour in Muslim Xinjiang of the People’s Republic of China, in between Kashgar, Marqit and Iarkam, out to the very depths of the desert of Taklamakan, in the Karakoram Range on the borders of Pakistan, Tajikistan and Kirghizistan, into the middle of these distant oasis towns along the Silk Road.

A concert interpreted through the screening of the documentary-road-movie produced by François R. Cambuzat and Gianna Greco.

François R. Cambuzat: field-recordings, composition, CAM programming, vocals, guitars.
Gianna Greco: CAM programming, bass guitar.

This creative work was commissioned by the Cultural Service of the French Embassy in Beijing (China).
An event for the Silk Label Festival