Musée des confluences

Lila derdeba (Night of trance)

The 7th of October at 8:30 pm

This show is inspired by the very precise unfolding of a traditional night of trance (lila derdeba): a rite of exorcism and psychotherapy that always begins with the gentle ceremony of tea and incense to placate the mluk (genies, spirits or invisible warriors). Then the rite speeds up, blurring the border between the visible and the invisible world. The dancers, whose costumes are in turn white, green, blue, yellow or black, making reference to a divinity, drag the participants to the end of a night which finally liberates them from bad forces, thus reconciling the spiritual and the earthly.

Alwane has succeeded in taking the bet to realise a true artistic and human encounter between two cultures, offering the public a real moment of discovery, both magic and spiritual.

Thierry Beaucoup, artistic direction, saxophone
Maâlem Abdellah Boulkhair El Gourd, voice, guembri
Benoït Richou, guitar
Nourredine Touati, voice, tbal, qraqêb, dancing
Roland Merlinc, drums
Khalid Rahhali, voice, qraqêb, dancing
Sylvain Lacombe, bass
Abdeljebar El Gourd, voice, qraqêb, dancing
Artistic collaboration: Sanae El Kamouni – Lakmaïs

Jacques Willemont, voice over
Cécile Héreault, lighting design
Jean Bourgeois, sound
Sanae El Kamouni-Lakmaïs, broadcast, production
Roselyne Burger, Pauline Horteur, administration
Pictures taken from the documentary film: Gnawa, beyond music, by Jacques Willemont.

A coproduction with Associations Scènes du Maroc and Mad Nomad Quartet. For its creation, Lila Derdeba has received the support of the Opera of Lyon, the Town of Lyon, the region Rhône-Alpes, the DRAC Rhône-Alpes, the association Scènes du Maroc, the association Confluences musicales, Cultures France, the Arab World Institute and the Rico society.

Creation du spectacle - Tanger - 2011