Musée des confluences

Agathe Boulanger, Yannick Bosc, Grégoire Devidal, Clémence Péguy

Artist in Residence

From Tuesday, 21 to Sunday, 26 February | 2 pm – 6 pm

On July 11, 2016, there was a defeat. Two men on the sidelines were moving their bodies along two parallel lines. By movements charged with meaning and fury, Ronaldo and his trainer were leading their team to victory.

Elles ne sont pas pour moi ces fleurs [These flowers are not for me] ENSPPMCF puts together objects which existed before us: videos, texts and sounds which already have their own life and which, after being set up, reflect the symptoms of an anxious society, seeking performance and control, while undergoing failures and sometimes exacerbated releases, bordering on hysteria.

Grégoire Devidal, Yannick Bosc, Clémence Péguy and Agathe Boulanger have taken these objects out of their context, traced new paths of meaning and attempted to look for dance where there never was any. A priori. The work room is a hybrid area: a place of research and interpretation but also a place of reconciliation, a night club, a weed garden and a testing ground. The embroidery on the great cloak should also be completed.

In partnership with the Maison de la Danse.

©Alexandra Den