Musée des confluences

A Tribute to Fela Kuti

Friday, February 11 I 12:30 pm

Sangoma Everett, drums & conducting
Sahr Ngaujah, voice
Olivier Ker Ourio, harmonica
Ganesh Geymeier, saxophone
Alain Vankenhove, trumpet
Dele Sosimi, keyboards
Bastien Brison, keyboards
Felix Manuaku, guitar
Mamadou Ba, bass
Edmundo Carneiro, percussion
Philippe Maniez, arrangement

At the origin of this new contemporary tribute for Sangoma Everett was a decisive encounter with Sahr Ngaujah, comedian, author, stage director, dancer, singer and leading co-star of the international show Fela !, a “musical comedy” in tribute to the star of Afrobeat signed in 2009 by Bill T. Jones.

Just as for his project with Majid Bekkas a few years ago, inspired by the Gnawa music, the experience and elegance of the American jazz drummer (remember that Sangoma has played with Dizzy Gillespie, Clifford Jordan, Kirk Lightsay, Consuela & Bill Lee, Steve Grossman, La Velle…) expresses himself here in a powerful tentet that is not only international, but definitely trans-cultural.

For this Tribute to Fela Kuti & His Shining Fearlessness, Sangoma Everett chose to collaborate with the young and talented arranger Philippe Maniez. Author of drumming by Sangoma (the “diviner and healer” in the Zulu language), around the smoky voice of Sahr Ngaujah and scholarly adaptations of Philippe Maniez, the stylistic and geographic diversity of the other protagonists of this Afrobeat mutant tentet will be appreciated.

© Jean Loup Bertheau