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Une perspective historique sur la polyphonie géorgienne



Cet article propose une approche historique des polyphonies géorgiennes à partir d'enregistrements anciens et actuels d'une même région. Les enregistrements historiques comptent vingt-trois chansons populaires enregistrées en 1935 à Leningrad (aujourd’hui Saint-Pétersbourg) et les enregsitrements récents ont été recueillis sur le terrain en Géorgie en 1991.


Vocal polyphony in Guria, in western Georgia, is among the most fascinating polyphonic forms in the world, still little known in Western Europe. Contrary to other polyphonic traditions, the Georgian one has been documented in the (mostly local) literature since the end of last century, and sound documents exist since the beginn­ing of this century. The author undertakes a comparison of historical and recent recordings of Gurian folk songs. The historical recordings, which date back to 1935, were made by three ethnomusicologists using simultaneously three phonographs. The recent collection was established in 1991 in Guria, with the purpose of repeating the recordings of 1935. In both cases, a specific recording technique has allowed to reproduce each voice exactly. With the example of one particular song, the author confronts similarities and differences between the historical and the modern versions. On a larger scale, it thus becomes possible to gain better insight into the evolution of Gurian polyphony in the course of this century. (extracted from the article)


Extrait de Cahiers d'etnomusicologie, volume 6, Polyphonies, 1993.





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