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To ensure the safety of our visitors, the museum is strictly applying the security measures decided by the french authorities. The museum is fully opened. Luggages and big items are not allowed. Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience and delay which may be caused by the extra security checks at the entrance.

Situated on the confluence of the Rhone and the Saône, the Musée des Confluences is an absolute must-see in Lyon. Set in the heart of a monumental structure of metal and glass, the Musée des Confluences presents a journey through time and across continents to observe the world around us.

The permanent exhibition trail

Extending over 3,000 square metres, the permanent exhibition trail presents, through a collection made up of an infinite number of curiosities, the great story of the human adventure in four distinct exhibitions.

Origins, the stories of the world
All of us on the planet share the same questions on the origin of the world and our place in it. The exhibition suggests to visitors that they set off in search of their origins along a trail combining two ways of seeing: that of the natural sciences which goes back through human time as far as the Big Bang and that of mythical stories presenting ethnographic objects.

Species, the web of life
The question of human identity, of the join between what has been called humanity and animality, is a universal preoccupation. The exhibition questions the way in which human beings see the world, are integrated in it and contribute to modifying it. Through a network in which everything has its place and correspondence, the visitor is led to question himself about his place at the heart of the living world and his ability to influence his ecosystem.

Societies, human theatre
There is no humanity without encounter and exchange, without the challenge of the horizon and the desire to be elsewhere. Set out like a theatre, the exhibition questions the ways in which society functions on the basis of three constants – organization, exchange and creation. The visitor constructs his own visit and strolls through objects coming from cultures and epochs which could never have met, but the bringing together of which makes sense and arouses curiosity.

Eternities, visions of the beyond
What is the place of death in this day and age when its limits are constantly being pushed back? The exhibition tackles the question of the afterlife and suggests to visitors that they focus their contemporary gazes on different cultural contexts and different civilizations and epochs (Amerindian, African, Ancient Egyptian, ancient Peru…).


A unique architecture

At the confluence of the Rhône and Saône, the museum is situated at the heart of a monumental structure, conceived by Coop Himmelb(l)au – the only project completed in France by this Austrian agency known for its architecture of the deconstructivist school.

An architecture based on confluences
When glass Crystal met stainless steel Cloud, the architecture of the musée des Confluences was born, inspired by the two converging bodies of water at its feet. Beneath its 33 metres of glasswork, the Crystal functions as an urban space: a space devoted to where the general public comes in and to the circulation of visitors, a place of encounter and exchange. Over an area of 1,900 square metres, bathed in external daylight, the visitors prepare themselves to visit the museum. At its centre, the Gravity Well, an architectural tour de force, carries the whole of the structure and swirls as if caught between the two rivers. The visitor is then invited on a journey through the Cloud, constructed as a large vessel of approximately 11,000 square metres which, under its stainless steel cover, contains the treasures of the museum: the rooms dedicated to its permanent and temporary exhibits. When we finally reach the roof, we enjoy an unrivalled view of Lyon and its river confluence. The whole is carried by a platform accessible to the general public: a place to stroll around a pool of water shining against stainless steel, arousing curiosity in a landscape of ramps and inclined planes which lead it to the garden: 24,400 square meters of green spaces and paths to the point where the rivers meet.

Cultural Season 2015-2016

On the first level, the temporary exhibition spaces extend over 1900m2 and are regularly renewed during the course of the year.

Antarctica (until December 31, 2016)


Prepare yourself for a journey to Antarctica, that land that is only accessible to international scientific missions. A world premiere, the exhibition invites you to enter the beauty of this oasis of ice: dive into the depths of the Antarctic ocean and walk on the ice fields in order to discover the incredible biodiversity of the white continent.

At your feet (until April 30, 2017)
Do you know that your shoes are talkative and say a lot about the person wearing them? To better understand what these objects reveal, the exhibition takes you step by step to discover pairs stemming from every continent, from the 16th to the 21st century, from delicate lotuses for bound feet in China to trainers nowadays.


Female potters of Africa (until April 30, 2017)
The exhibition offers us a journey going out to meet the female potters of West Africa and their products. Eleven European potters made this journey 20 years ago. They brought back pottery, several hours of film, field notes and numerous photographs that the museum still keeps today.


Rebel bodies (from September 13, 2016 to March 5, 2017)
Both installation and a work of art in itself, the exhibition is an invitation to understand modern dance as a universal language.




Cultural and scientific rendezvous

A veritable live hub, the musée des Confluences proposes, all through the year, activities for all echoing the permanent and temporary exhibitions.

Cultural rendezvous
World vibrations, shows to open up to others. The museum invites you to stop off at the junction of traditional works and the contemporary scene. Concerts, theatre, puppet shows, dance… are as many forms to vibrate in rhythm with the world’s creations and to discover the artistic wealth of a world in motion.

Scientific rendezvous
Showings of films and free lecture cycles allow you to go deeper into the themes suggested in exhibition rooms and to exchange information on contemporary scientific challenges.



Musée des Confluences
86 quai Perrache, Lyon 2e
T. +33 (0)4 28 38 11 90


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Open on Easter Monday, March 28, 2016, and Whit Monday, May 16, 2015

Tickets for permanent and temporary exhibitions

Single ticket valid for the day
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Conditions for reduced rates
In the context of an enterprise operated by a partner on production of:
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•    the loyalty card for the Confluence business centre

Conditions for free admission (on production of a still valid written proof to entitlement)
•    Young people under 18, high school students, apprentices and students under the age of 26
•    ICOM card, press, national conference guide card (France)
In the context of a partner enterprise:
•    Holders of the Lyon City Card (on sale at the museum’s ticket windows) – priority cash desk
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Tickets for shows and cultural activities

Ticket purchase
In situ at the museum’s ticket offices. For the concerts, shows and events programmed in the auditoria, a ticket office opens one hour before the start of the performance in front of the auditoria. Last minute ticket sales limited to the number of seats available.

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Bulk purchasing of tickets allows you to benefit from a special rate.
Rates — € 3.00 to € 16.00 Based on a purchase of 10 places and according to the type of show.



La Brasserie des Confluences
Level 0
by Maison Pignol, in association with chef Guy Lassausaie open for lunch and dinner on Tuesday to Sunday. Reservations T. + 33 (0)4 72 41 12 34

Comptoir Gourmand
Level 4
Snacks with terrace Museum opening hours

Public garden
This green space is an ideal place to walk and offers a unique view of the confluence.
Free access.

Museum bookshop-giftshop
Level 0
Museum opening hours T. + 33 (0)1 58 65 15 60

Level -1
Free service Loan of wheelchairs, strollers and seat sticks

Changing table
Level -1

Accessibility – handicapped visitors

Visiting the museum
Access for people with limited mobility takes place at the entrance for groups on level -1. Wheelchairs and cane seats are available on demand. Mobility scooters and guide dogs are welcomed in the museum. The spaces are accessible to people with limited mobility.

Coming to shows
A welcome for people with limited mobility is ensured by the room’s welcoming team who facilitate access to specially adapted seats. So as to guarantee the best possible welcome thank you for reserving your places at the ticket office for cultural activities.

Getting Here

Musée des Confluences
86 quai Perrache
CS 30 180
69285 Lyon cedex 02

Main entrance
Individual visitors
Group entrance
Level -1, on the side of the museum’s front square
Groups, disabled visitors
Auditorium entrance Level -1, Rhône side
Direct access during shows, lectures and demonstrations. Doors open 1 hour prior to each performance. The opening hours of the room are relative to artistic constraints

Public transport
Stop – musée des Confluences
Tram — T1 Bus — C7, C10, 15, 63
Car — Parking Musée des Confluences, Parking Tony Garnier

It is possible for coaches to stop along the side of the museum on the dropping off point situated under the A7 motorway.

Support tools

Maps in French, English, Italian and German and a booklet for children (aged 7 and up) and parents are available on site.
The digital guide – downloadable from a smartphone. Available from May 2016 in French, Italian and English. Smartphones and headphones available to hire at the museum. Rent price € 1 (+ deposit). Free for secondary-school students from the Rhone.
The pocket-sized museum guide provides further information on the permanent collections. On sale (in French and English) at the museum shop at a price of €15.00.