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Corto's milongas

Tango Ball

Jeudi 21 mars | 18h30 - 23h

Open to all, whether you're a complete beginner or experienced tango dancer, this ball is a tip of the hat to the graphic novel Tango (the 27th adventure of Corto Maltese) and its creator Hugo Pratt, who lived in Buenos Aires for 13 years.

6.30 to 7.30 pm: introduction to the dance.
This is followed by the opening of the ball, led by musicians from the collective Roulotte Tango.

Julien Blondel – piano and musical direction
Rémi Cortial – guitars and bandolim
Felipe Nicholls – double bass
Mehdi Al-Tinaoui – violin
Maxime Point – bandoneon
Lysandre Donoso – bandoneon
Laura Nivou – violin
Aureliano Marin – singer

In collaboration with the association Tango de Soie
Tango bar in conjunction with the caterers Maison Pignol.