Musée des confluences

Jazz before jazz

Sunday, April 30 I 5:30 pm

Mario Stantchev, piano
Lionel Martin, saxophones
To this duet should be added a surprise guest!

Born in New Orleans in 1829, Louis Moreau Gottschalk is without a doubt the first musician trained in the European tradition to be inspired by the music of the southern states and the Caribbean, giving birth to a form of jazz before its time. Nearly a hundred and fifty years after his death, the pianist of Bulgarian origin, Mario Stantchev, and the saxophonist, Lionel Martin, decided to take the repertory of Gottschalk and his parts of Creole identity to offer us a contemporary reinterpretation. Carried by this pair of strong personalities, the music of Gottschalk distances itself from any colonial archaism to adopt today’s influences – whether they are those of Ornette Coleman, Cecil Taylor or Archie Shepp – for a relevant and inspired tribute.

Concert Jazz before jazz