Musée des confluences

Plants that cure us

Wednesday, October 4 | 3:00 pm

Projection – discussion in French.

Screening of the documentary “Plants that cure us”, followed by a discussion with Denis Richard, hospital pharmacist. Member of the Scientific Committee for the Venenum Exhibition.

Documentary film I France I 2013 I 55’ I Directed by Dominique Hennequin and Julie Pichot

Along the River Maranon in Peru, on the volcanic peaks of La Réunion, on the slopes of the Chartreuse mountains or on the plains of Drôme Provençale, we set off to search for plants that heal. They are everywhere in the natural environment, cultivated or gathered wild. Researchers seek new, unknown plants with useful qualities to cure diseases, by meeting with shamans and traditional healers. We try to overlook popular beliefs and placebo plants to concentrate on the effects of phytotherapy, which is today recognised by medicine.

In partnership with the Confluences des Savoirs Association

Extrait du documentaire ©DR