Heteralocha acutirostris 

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Plantier Jennifer

The losses of many species that were endemic to New Zealand are linked to human activity. Hunted by the Maori for its feathers, the huia was also highly prized by nineteenth-century collectors. No specimens have been observed since 1907. This species had very pronounced sexual dimorphism: the male's bill was short and stout, while the female's was slender and curved. This difference in the bills is thought to have been related to their feeding habits: the male may have chiselled into decaying wood, while the female could have used her slender bill to pick out wood-eating insect larvae hidden in galleries.

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Hors tout : Socle : H. 35.4 cm cm ; H. 11 cm cm ; l. 10.3 cm cm ; P. 24.5 cm cm ; P. 8.5 cm cm ; Pds 0,222kg

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