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The Richard S. Peigler Collection consists of 34 pieces of cloth made of wild silk and one piece made of domesticated silk ([1}Bombyx mori{2]), all of which are recorded in the Flora database. They are documented under the following inventory numbers : 47023577- 47023591 ; 47023619-47023622 ; 47023625 ; 47023627 ; 47024036 and 47024037 ; 47024040 ; 47026351 ; 47034920 à 47034926 ; 47038274 and 47038275


Richard S. Peigler is an American university professor and a specialist in Lepidoptera Saturniidae and their natural product: silk.. He is very interested in our institution and every year he gives us various cloths woven of wild silk, thus enriching our collection.


The pieces donated by Richard S. Peigler are of excellent quality and very representative of the different types of cloth that can be made with wild silk:ties, scarves, shawls, etc.

conditions of access and use

Certain pieces can be displayed and thus be accessible to a large audience. The collection may also be consulted onsite by researchers on request to the curator of the collection.

additional sources

other collections at the musée des Confluences

The collection of the Silk Laboratory also includes a number of woven items made with wild silk, along with many samples: : cocoons, floss, skeins, etc.

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