Musée des confluences

Banzo, ritmos & timbres

2018 creation – Edmundo Carneiro

Thursday the 8th of March | 8.30 pm

Banzo (first part)
"If I had to describe the melancholy of the Brazilian slave, I would have to repeat the interminable journey that took weary, frightened and sweaty bodies along the chaotic paths from the port of Salvador de Bahia to the mines of Diamantina. 'Banzo' could be described as the sadness of a lost ocean; an ocean like a home port that still linked men to their natal Africa. Diamantina, the city of gold and diamonds, which absorbed the influence of Baroque music, witnessed the emergence, in its paradox, of the musician slave liberating himself through his talent as a string player. Banzo would express itself in this coming together, between the vital energy of the drums and the anguish of the soul conveyed through the harmony of the guitars. " Text by Didier Sustrac for Edmundo Carneiro

Three Brazilian guitarists, heirs of Villa-Lobos, choro and samba, come to play their arpeggios, echoing the rhythms of the atabaques, like sobs suppressed in corporeal fury.

Milton Daud, Edinho Godoy, Luca Bulgarini : guitars
Emundo Carneiro : atabaques drums

Ritmos et Timbres (second part)
"I will continue along the same path in this chapter, as if we were returning from Ouro Preto, as freed mulattos, joyous musicians, with so much gold that it reflects in our trumpets, and our clarinets spewing forth velvet suns. These instruments will accompany our steps along the stone roads, tempos and rhythms of Brazil. They will dance to maracatu, baião and samba. Because brass instruments have always been a part of Brazilian music and it is here, on these mixed lands, that the most beautiful brass band in the world was born. " Text by Didier Sustrac for Edmundo Carneiro

Rubinho Antunes : bugle-trumpet, conductor
Flavio Bala : clarinette basse
Fred Di Crasto : saxophone
Marcelo Filizola : percussion, drum kit
Edmundo Carneiro : percussion
Claudio Faria : bugle-trumpet
Antoine Bost : tenor and alto sax
Nacim Brahimi : tenor and soprano sax
Cacau de Queiroz : baritone sax
Fernando Mccarthy : trombone

Creation by Musée des Confluences