Musée des confluences

Collectors’ Passion

Saturday, January 21 | 10 am-1 pm – 2 pm-6 pm

Amateur collectors and fans of all kinds of objects, the Collectors’ Passion day is for you. Invited to meet curators and restorers, you can assemble information and advice for the documentation, preservation and packing of objects or documents in your possession. Professionals will reveal the multiples facets of their trade. Push open the doors of the different levels of the museum … and discover the passion of collecting.

Please note, no market evaluations will be given to the objects.

Departmental and Metropolitan Archives
The Benoît Roche affair, an investigation to re-discover
“One morning in January 1891, in the hamlet of Marduel, …”

An extract of a legal file kept in the Departmental and Metropolitan Archives, the Benoît Roche file serves to resurrect an investigation which touched the inhabitants of a little Beaujolais village at the end of the 19th century. Reconstruction of the crime, discovery of the body, presentation of the verdict, you will find here all the phases of this affair.

Noémie Burcklé, Restorer
The workshop of the Rhone Metropolis Archives undertakes the restoration of many documents all year long. The restoration presented here is that of an 18th century plan on rag paper in brown ink. To better explain, each stage of the restoration was filmed and in this way visitors can immerse themselves for a few minutes in the restoration workshop.

Musées Gadagne
Anne Lasseur,, Curator
Céline Bonnot-Diconne, Curator-restorer
Presentation of a pair of ancient shoes discovered in the archaeological sites of Terreaux and Saint-Georges..

Museum of Printing and Graphic Communications
Five centuries of texts and images – Comprendre et reconnaître des techniques graphiques, de Gutenberg à nos jours. [Understanding and recognising graphic techniques, from Gutenberg to today.]
Printing : Fernande Nicaise, Head of the printing workshop
Meeting and demonstrations of printing to identify the guiding principles of printing texts from the Renaissance to the 20th century.
Engraving : Éléonore Litim, Engraver
Meeting and demonstrations of engraving to differentiate the various different supports and tools.
Tools online and observation of documents : Hélène-Sybille Beltran, Head of the exhibition and collections department.
Observations of original documents from the collections of the Museum of Printing, owing to different identification tools.

Henri-Malartre Car Museum
Presentation of the vintage torpedo racing car, the Lorraine Dietrich B 3-6 “Le Mans”, 1926. This torpedo was used by the filmmaker Jacques Deray for his film Borsalino which came out in 1970. In this gangster film, which takes place in the underworld of Marseille, several vintage cars were used to set the atmosphere of the thirties. The Lorraine Dietrich make brought out this sports model, an adaptation for wealthy racing car amateurs that won three first prizes at the fourth edition of the world’s most famous annual race, the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Advice on the care of vintage vehicles will be provided near the car on the museum esplanade.

French Federation of Conservation-Restoration Professionals
In partnership with the restorers of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, the French Federation of Conservation-Restoration professionals will be present on both stands:

  • the first is for people with objects and documents from their personal collections to take advantage of the point of view of a restorer on their condition, exchange knowledge and obtain advice on keeping it in good condition;
  • the second will offer you an audio-visual discovery of the profession, along with a display of real objects being studied or treated.

Musée des Confluences
Harold Labrique
, Collections officer
From the collection to the publication: presentation of the conservation of collections of natural history and the enrichment of collections and knowledge by the active collection of materials.

In collaboration with the Gadagne Museums, the museum of Printing and Graphic Communication, the Henri-Malartre car museum, the service of the departmental and metropolitan Archives and the Rhône-Alpes section of the French Federation of Conservation-Restoration Professionals.

Collection d’insectes Pachyrhynchus
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