Musée des confluences

Drug use by women

Thursday the 8th of February | 7 pm

[Round table in French]

In France, and elsewhere for that matter, men consume more legal and illegal drugs, in terms of both quantity and frequency. This general observation must be qualified as, among the recent trends observed, the gap between levels of consumption by men and women has gradually begun to close. While they have been less involved in drug use for a long time, women are now tending to adopt behaviours more associated with men and are therefore increasing their consumption.

The remaining imbalance would suggest that addictive practices are more frowned upon among women and are therefore more hidden. Because prevention and treatment services seem less accessible to women, some may be more reluctant to seek help, with few organisations catering specifically for women.

Ludovic Gaussot
, sociologist (University of Poitiers)
Didier Nourisson, professor of contemporary history (Claude Bernard Lyon 1 University)
Lydie Bodiou and Jean-Jacques Yvorel, historians (Paris 1 - Paris 4 University)

Led by
Frédéric Chauvaud
, professor of contemporary history (University of Poitiers), member of the exhibition's scientific committee

Signing session at the museum bookshop at the end of the evening.