Musée des confluences

Embrace of the Serpent

Thursday 19 October | 5:00 pm

Screening and discussion in French.

Screening of the film “Embrace of the Serpent”, followed by a discussion with Martin Barnier, Professor of Film, Louis Lumière University Lyon 2 and Emilia Sanabria (ENS of Lyon)

Film I Colombia I 2015 I 125’ I Directed by Ciro Guerra

In the north-western part of Amazonia lives Karamakate, a solitary old hermit, the last survivor of his people. Years of solitude living in the depths of the forest have turned him into a chullachaqui, a hollow spirit, without emotions or memories. The arrival of Evan, a young American ethnobotanist, leads him to undertake in his company a dangerous initiation journey to search for the yakruna, a mysterious sacred plant that has the property of teaching how to dream. The voyage through Colombian Amazonia enables Karamakate little by little to recover his forgotten memories...

Affiche du film