Musée des confluences

History of a myth: From exploration to conquest

Thursday, December 14 | 7:00 pm

Lecture in French.

Tuaregs inspired among the earliest explorers either positive or negative judgements, but they were never neutral. Today we cannot mention Tuaregs without invoking stereotypes of the “Blue Men” or “Knights of the desert” which conjure up images of veiled camel-riders against a background of volcanic peaks or endlessly undulating dunes.

To go beyond this popular image, we asked Jean-Marc Durou, who has travelled the Sahara for 40 years, to present un this plural society. An associate and friend of Théodore Monod, he is unquestionably someone who can tell this singular story with passion.

With Jean-Marc Durou, photographer and writer

Book signing session at the museum bookshop at 9:00 pm

« Les amis » de Harandane Dicko (Bamako, Mali - 2006) musée des Confluences, Lyon