Musée des confluences

La Silencieuse en voyage (Journey of La Silencieuse)

Thursday 31 October | 3 pm

To the traditional music of Iran, Mongolia, Eastern Europe and elsewhere, follow the journey of a young girl with long hair, as you discover steppes where wild horses roam, a storm crossed by birds and the heart of a mysterious mountain... An invitation to travel with music and images.

With Maria Laurent, song, topshur lute, chorus
Johanni Curtet, Khöömii overtone singing, throat singing, guitar, dombra lute, backing vocals
Milad Pasta, percussion (zarb, daf, udu), backing vocals
Baptiste de Bailliencourt, visual creation, animation, mapping and scenography
Milad Pasta, visual creation, scenography

The visual style is partly inspired by the works of Mongolian painter Munkhtsetseg Jalkhaajav.

Co-production: La Grande Boutique – Centre for the creation of popular music in Kreiz Breizh, Musée des Confluences.
'La Silencieuse en voyage' by Meïkhâneh received support from SPEDIDAM, Adami and La Culture avec la Copie Privée.