Musée des confluences


Saturday, November 11 | 8:30 pm

Naagré is the meeting of the French electro-jazz group Shplax with Badéma, a troupe from Burkina Faso performing traditional Mandingo music and dance

Naagré is a term in Mooré, the lingua franca of Burkina Faso, which covers concepts of gathering and “working together”. This creation is the opportunity to share the enthusiasm and energy of artists who, in combining writing, improvisation, tradition, technology and dance… have created from scratch this invitation to travel.

Patrice Foudon: sax tenor, sax soprano
Jean Michel Pirollet: sax baritone, machines
Rodolphe Guillard: machines
Patrick Chastel: drums
Baba Konaté: vocals, djembe
Karim Konaté: vocals, duns, dance
Lagui Konaté: vocals, tama, shékéré, dance
Dédouguou Domboué: vocals, balafon, duns

©Régine Mondon, concert Badema