Musée des confluences

Poisons of the mind

Tuesday, November 28 | 7:00 pm

Lecture in French

Among the many toxic substances used in medicine, probably those with the slowest action are the most insidious and thus the most dangerous. Tranquillizers and sleep medications (benzodiazepines and related molecules) were once praised as a great advance because in the event of massive overdoses (attempted suicide), they rarely result in death, in contrast to their predecessors, barbiturates. Four decades went by before their chronic toxicity was discovered and it was understood that if they are consumed for over three months, they have a major effect on health, sometimes leading to death through many mechanisms that were still unheard of yesterday. Why do these dangerous products continue to be used so massively in France? What are the mechanisms by which they poison us? How can we avoid using them and especially what should replace them?

With Doctor Patrick Lemoine, Psychiatrist, PhD. in Neuroscience, Research Director at the Claude Bernard University, Lyon

Book signing session at the museum bookshop at 6:00 pm

In partnership with the Confluences des Savoirs Association.