Musée des confluences

Portraits of ethnologists

Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 February

Saturday: interviews with three pioneers of modern ethnology
4 pm
To Find the Baruya Story: Maurice Godelier by Stephen Olsson and Allison Jablonko, 1982, 60 mins
5:30 pm Entretien avec Claude Lévi-Strauss (Interview with Claude Lévi-Strauss) by Michel Treguer, 1976, 32 mins
Françoise Héritier et les lois du genre (Françoise Héritier and the laws of gender) by Anne-France Sion, 2009, 48 mins

Sunday: The Africa of Jean Rouch and Germaine Dieterlen
4 pm
Initiation à la danse des possédés (An Initiation in the Dance of the Possessed) by Jean Rouch, 1949, 21 mins
Les maîtres fous (The Mad Masters) by Jean Rouch, 1956, 39 mins
5:30 pm La Sœur des masques (The Sister of the Masks) by Marie Cost-Cipriani and Mariagrazia Fellini, 2002, 30 mins
Cimetière dans la falaise (Cemetery in the Cliff) by Jean Rouch, 1951, 25 mins

In resonance with the Jean Rouch International Ethnographic Film Festival