Musée des confluences

Wang Li, the Mystery of Jew's harp

Enfants 1 - 5 ans

Wednesday 30 October and Thursday 31 October | 10:30 am, 4 pm et 5 pm

With this small traditional instrument, which he vibrates in his mouth, Wang Li opens up an inner world that will captivate children and take parents back to their childhoods.
A gentle and intimate concert.

A virtuoso player of the Jew's harp, Wang Li draws inspiration for his compositions from his experiences of life, childhood memories, thoughts about the world around him, and emotional memories of his family. The nursery rhymes of his childhood, with their simple, heartbeat-like rhythms, have left an indelible mark in his memory. His performance is all about breath and vibrations, memories and visions.

Ages 1-5 (children must be accompanied by an adult)

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