Musée des confluences

Dar Gnawa

The 7th of October at 12:30 pm

Abdellah Boulkhair El Gourd, born in 1947 in the Kasbah of Tangiers, is a famous Gnawi master, a maâlem or initiated master. In 1980 he created Dar Gnawa to preserve Gnawi culture and allow its diffusion. Dar Gnawa has become a museum and the cradle of Gnawi music in Tangiers. In 1967 El Gourd became friendly with the famous American jazz pianist Randy Weston who discovered, thanks to him, Gnawi music from which he has drawn excellent sources of inspiration. Together they brought out in 1992 the album The Splendid Master Gnawa Musicians of Morocco which brought together most of the maâlem active at that time. This album was nominated as best album of World Music in 1996. Today the maâlem Abdellah El Gourd travels the world with his dancer musicians. Their music drags the public into a world where the voices of the Gnawa mingle with dance steps and the sounds of the guembri, the qraqêb and the tbal.

Maâlem Abdellah Boulkhair El Gourd, voice, guembri (lute drum with 3 strings)
Nourredine Touati, voice, tbal (drum), qraqêb (metal rattles) dancing
Khalid Rahhali, voice, qraqêb, dancing
Abdeljebar El Gourd, voice, qraqêb, dancing

Creation du spectacle - Tanger - 2011